What's Next Up is an entertainment aggregator and personalization service that retrieves many different kinds of events from all across the world and gives you a list of events you're likely to enjoy.

We were very inspired by Ludicorp's about page (Ludicorp is the company that originally built flickr), and like them, we believe that the goal of an enterprise is not just to make money, have competent employees or to have David Fincher make a film about us (but David, if you're reading this, we're okay with those things too!).

The goal is to build a product that touches as many people as possible and changes their lives, even if it is in a tiny way.

The goal is to build a web app that makes it easier for people to find entertainment they like, so that they can just enjoy themselves without spending precious time sifting through dozens of irrelevant events on tens of websites.

The goal is to kick ass.


Please let us know what features you'd like to see in future versions of What's Next Up by filling out our feedback form.


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