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What's Next Up was designed to be dead simple - if you're having any trouble, this page will get you sorted out quickly.

quickstart guide

Using What’s Next Up is really simple.

Simply log in with your Facebok account, enter your username and password (don't worry, your password isn't shared with us!) and Facebook will grant us access to your 'likes' from Facebook. You can use our website (, or our app on the Windows Phone Store to use What's Next Up.

We use your Facebook likes (and also likes you add to What's Next Up directly), to figure out events that we think you'll like. For example, if you like 'How I Met Your Mother' on Facebook, we'll automatically show you all the upcoming episodes for this show in your events list. In fact, we'll also show you upcoming episodes of 'The Big Bang Theory' as well! Of course, if you don't want to see something, just click the cross icon on the right and we won't show you that event (or events in that series) again.

If you want to make your event recommendations more relevant, or tell us more about what you like, click on the 'likes' tab on the top right. Then, select the category you want to add information to. If, for example, you want to tell us you like Maroon 5, select the Music tab. On the right side of the page you'll see a text box, select this box and start typing 'Maroon 5'. Pretty soon, you'll see an item in the dropdown list that matches the item you're trying to add. If for some reason, you don't, just hit enter. You'll see that your new 'like' got added to What's Next Up. Now when you go back to the 'Events' page, your event recommendations will reflect your changed likes. You can also change your likes on Facebook and we'll pull those out as well.

We hope you enjoy using What's Next Up!

frequently asked questions

What are 'likes'?

On Facebook, you can click the 'like' button (it looks like a thumbs-up) on some pages, or you can edit your profile and easily add a bunch of stuff you 'like' to several categories such as TV Shows, Music, Books etc. If you often 'like' pages on Facebook, some of them (the ones which say they belong to one of the categories we're interested in) will automatically show up on What's Next Up as well. This way, we can easily remain up-to-date with your entertainment interests to deliver the very best events to you.

I added a new like, but my events haven't changed. What's the problem?

There probably isn't a problem. What's Next Up only shows events that happened in the last couple of weeks and those that will happen in about a month or so. The likes you added probably don't have any relevant events in this time period. However, we do try to figure out other things you might enjoy based on what your 'likes' are, and this may take some time, so check back in a day or two to see if we have any new events for you!

I’m not seeing any (or very few) events on the My Events page.

That’s probably because you haven’t liked many entertainment options on Facebook. Try ‘liking’ a couple of movies, musicians, books or more and your events page should fill right up.

There’s an error connecting my account with Facebook

We’re in beta, so there may be teething problems. However, if you delete us from your allowed applications page, and then log in to WNU again, you should be fine.

Do I have to have an account to see entertainment events?

Nope. But then you’ll just see all the events that we have in our database. And that is a huge number. What’s Next Up is most useful when you allow us to recommend events for you based on your preferences - and to do that, we need you to sign up.

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